What Cities in North Carolina Does Amtrak Stop?

North Carolina proudly hosts several major Amtrak lines that provide rail transportation to key destinations across the East Coast and beyond. As America’s railroad, Amtrak offers convenient Amtrak stations located across North Carolina where passengers can catch both long-haul routes as well as regional trains.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Amtrak stations and Amtrak service throughout North Carolina, including:

  • An Overview of Amtrak in North Carolina
  • Major Amtrak Long-Distance Routes in North Carolina
  • List of North Carolina Cities with Amtrak Stations
  • Information on Major Amtrak Stations in North Carolina
  • Connectivity to Other East Coast Cities via Amtrak in NC

So let’s get on board to explore the world of passenger rails travel to, from, and around the Tar Heel State!

An Overview of Amtrak Service in North Carolina

Amtrak has a long and storied history of providing passenger rail transportation throughout North Carolina. As of 2023, Amtrak runs three long-distance routes with major North Carolina station stops (operating both north/south and east/west routes) in addition to several state-supported regional routes under the Amtrak Carolinian/Piedmont service.

Key details about Amtrak rail services in North Carolina include the following:

  • Amtrak Long-Distance Routes: Amtrak operates three long-distance routes through North Carolina – the Palmetto, Silver Star, and Crescent lines – with 24 stations providing service across NC.
  • Amtrak Carolinian / Piedmont Service: North Carolina co-sponsors two regional passenger rail services running through 18 communities in NC that are popular routes from Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro.
  • Amtrak Stations in NC: Major Amtrak stations and stops are located in cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Southern Pines and more.
  • Passenger Connectivity: North Carolina’s central location along the East Coast allows Amtrak services traveling from North Carolina to provide connections to popular destinations like New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Savannah, Georgia, Tampa, Florida, Miami, and New Orleans.

So let’s take a closer look at North Carolina’s Amtrak routes and stations, where passengers can conveniently access rail transport across the United States!

Major Amtrak Long-Distance Routes in North Carolina

Three of Amtrak’s famous named long-distance overnight train lines make stops at various stations while traveling through North Carolina providing connectivity across the East Coast and beyond. These routes include the PalmettoSilver Star, and Crescent lines with several key destination cities.

Amtrak Palmetto Line in North Carolina:

The Palmetto Amtrak route operates a daily service that runs north/south between New York City and Savannah, Georgia, with 8 station stops in North Carolina. Key Palmetto stations in NC include Rocky Mount, Wilson, Selma, Raleigh, Cary, Southern Pines, Hamlet, and Lumberton. Major destination connections via the Palmetto from North Carolina include:

  • New York City: Connecting Northeastern hub accessible from most NC stops
  • Washington D.C. / Northeast Corridor: D.C. and Northeast destinations accessible from NC
  • Savannah, Georgia: Connects with the coastal city of Savannah, Georgia to the south

Amtrak Silver Star Line in North Carolina:

Amtrak’s Silver Star route also makes 7 North Carolina station stops as it operates daily between New York City and Miami. Key Silver Star stops in NC include the cities of Rocky Mount, Wilson, Selma, Raleigh, Cary, Southern Pines, and Hamlet. Major connections offered by the Silver Star from North Carolina include:

  • New York City: Northeast travel hub accessible from most NC stations
  • Tampa & Miami, Florida: Connectivity to Florida’s Gulf Coast and Southern hub cities
  • Washington D.C./Northeast Corridor: Northeast destinations available via Amtrak

Amtrak Crescent Line in North Carolina:

The Crescent is one of Amtrak’s most iconic routes, operating daily between New York and New Orleans as an overnight long-distance train with 5 stops in North Carolina. Crescent stations in NC include Greensboro, High Point, Salisbury, Charlotte, and Gastonia. Key destination connectivity offerings via the Crescent Amtrak line from North Carolina include:

  • New York City: Northeastern hub accessible from most NC stations
  • Washington D.C. / Northeast: D.C. and Northeast cities accessible from NC
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Southern hub city with connectivity
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: Access to “The Big Easy” from North Carolina

So passengers in North Carolina can easily travel to popular East Coast destinations like New York, Washington D.C, and down south to New Orleans thanks to Amtrak’s long-distance lines!

List of North Carolina Cities with Amtrak Stations

Thanks to North Carolina’s Amtrak routes and rail network, there are many travel convenient Amtrak train stations located throughout various cities in NC providing access. Here is a list highlighting some of the top North Carolina cities and metro areas featuring Amtrak stations:

Raleigh, NC:

As North Carolina’s capital and a bustling center of innovation, the Raleigh area has several Amtrak stations that see heavy use. Raleigh stations include:

  • Raleigh Amtrak Station – Busy downtown station serving Amtrak Carolinian/Piedmont routes as well as the Silver Star and Palmetto long-distance lines. Located off West Cabarrus Street.
  • Cary Amtrak Station – Located northwest of Raleigh right in the heart of Cary, NC. Served by the Silver Star, Palmetto, and Carolinian routes.

Charlotte, NC:

The largest city in North Carolina has an Amtrak presence with the following stations:

  • Charlotte Amtrak Station – The historic downtown station is a major southern hub on the Crescent line. Also served by Carolinian/Piedmont routes.
  • Gastonia Amtrak Station – Stop in nearby Gastonia, NC that sees the Crescent route.

Greensboro, NC:

Major Piedmont metro area stations include:

  • Greensboro Amtrak Station – Central station in downtown Greensboro, NC. Served by the Crescent line in addition to the Carolinian/Piedmont routes.
  • High Point Amtrak Station – Stop in neighboring High Point, NC which is served by the Amtrak Crescent route.

Wilson, NC:

Key station in eastern North Carolina:

  • Wilson Amtrak Station – Busy depot located in Wilson, NC along the Silver Star and Palmetto Amtrak routes.

Fayetteville, NC:

  • Fayetteville Amtrak Station – Station serving southern NC city, located along the Carolinian/Piedmont regional routes.

Rocky Mount, NC

  • Rocky Mount Amtrak Station – Rocky Mount station located along the Silver Star and Palmetto routes.

And this is just a sampling of the variety of North Carolina cities and towns with convenient Amtrak stations! Passengers can easily access rail transport across the East Coast thanks to North Carolina’s many Amtrak stations and routes.

Information on Major Amtrak Stations in North Carolina

In addition to the variety of North Carolina destinations and cities with Amtrak stations covered already, there are also many notable train depots and transportation hubs located throughout the state.

Here is some essential info on a few of North Carolina’s busiest and most prominent Amtrak stations that serve as major stops along national routes:

Charlotte Amtrak Station (CHAR)

The Charlotte Amtrak Station based in the heart of downtown Charlotte is one of the Tar Heel State’s largest and busiest passenger rail facilities.

Features & Details:

  • Addresses: 1914 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206
  • Priority staffed station with Quik-Trak kiosks, baggage service and more.
  • Stop on the Crescent long-distance route between New York and New Orleans
  • Served by multiple daily Carolinian & Piedmont regional trains
  • 292,184 passengers passed through the station in fiscal year 2022.

Overall, the modern intermodal Charlotte Amtrak station provides convenient Amtrak service with connections across the Eastern Seaboard thanks to its hub status.

Raleigh Amtrak Station (RGH)

Serving as the main train depot for North Carolina’s capital city, the Raleigh Amtrak Station is located just northwest of downtown Raleigh close to the bustling Warehouse District.

Key Details Include:

  • Addresses: 320 West Cabarrus St, Raleigh, NC 27603
  • Staffed station with various amenities and special services
  • Significant station along the Silver Star & Palmetto long-distance routes
  • Also served by the joint state-supported Piedmont & Carolinian regional routes
  • Saw over 130,000 boardings and arrivals in fiscal year 2022

With connections up and down the East Coast in addition to local rail services, Raleigh’s Amtrak station provides an invaluable transportation link for the region.

Greensboro Amtrak Station (GBR)

The Greensboro Amtrak Station serves as the main passenger rail hub for the Piedmont Triad metro region of North Carolina, providing both local connectivity as well as access to nationwide destinations thanks to the Crescent line.

Greensboro Station Fast Facts:

  • Addresses: 236-C East Washington Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
  • Staffed station with various amenities and transport connections.
  • Serves as southern terminus for North Carolina’s state-supported Piedmont route
  • Stop for the Crescent long-distance line running between NYC and New Orleans
  • Over 158,000 passengers passed through in fiscal 2022

Conveniently situated downtown, Greensboro’s Amtrak station supplies easy rail accessibility enhancing travel options through central North Carolina and beyond.

East Coast Connectivity via Amtrak Stations in NC

One of the best aspects about catching Amtrak lines at North Carolina stations is the ability to then travel with ease up and down the East Coast thanks to further connections.

Whether heading south to iconic cities like Atlanta and New Orleans or venturing north to travel hubs like New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., Amtrak stations across North Carolina provide this invaluable interconnectivity.

Here is a quick overview of some of the major East Coast metropolitan areas accessible when boarding Amtrak trains at stations in North Carolina:

North East Corridor Access

Amtrak stations across North Carolina offer excellent access to Northeast Corridor destinations via connecting long-distance routes, including:

New York City – The Big Apple metropolis key stop on Amtrak Crescent, Silver Star and Palmetto routes.
Philadelphia, PA – Historic city easily accessible from North Carolina on Amtrak
Washington D.C. – The U.S. capital hub has connections from NC Amtrak stations
Baltimore, MD – Charm City linked to North Carolina destinations by rail

South East Connectivity

Heading south from North Carolina on Amtrak also grants simple connectivity to iconic Southern destinations such as:

Atlanta, GA – The capital of the New South has a Crescent line stop Savannah, GA – Coastal Georgia city linked directly on Palmetto route Jacksonville, FL – Northeast Florida hub accessible from North Carolina
Tampa & Miami – The Florida peninsula’s largest metro regions have swift connectivity to North Carolina Amtrak stations via Silver Star train.
New Orleans, LA – The lively “Big Easy” has a direct Crescent line connection from North Carolina depleted.

So with rail links to everything from NYC and Washington D.C. up north to New Orleans and Miami down south, Amtrak stations across North Carolina provide phenomenal East Coast access!

Conclusion: North Carolina Offers Extensive Amtrak Service Across the State

From the bustling cities of Charlotte and Raleigh to scenic smaller communities like Hamlet and Southern Pines, Amtrak serves travellers across the state with an extensive rail network.

Key long-distance routes like the Silver Star, Palmetto and Crescent lines connect North Carolina to sought-after East Coast destinations across America’s Northeast and Southeast regions. Meanwhile regional state partner trains provide swift short-haul service under the Piedmont and Carolinian brands.

With sustainable train travel continuing to soar in popularity, North Carolina looks set to hold onto its status as an integral part of the nation’s critical Amtrak passenger routes for years to come. So next time you need to catch a train along the East Coast, consider passing through one of North Carolina’s many excellent Amtrak stations!

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