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John Ahmi

Award-winning travel Blogger & USA Travel Expert

Who Am I?

Hello, I’m John Ahmi, the founder and chief editor of USA Travels Guide. I’m an award-winning travel blogger with over [15 years] of experience exploring the diverse landscapes, cultures, and cuisines of the United States. My passion for travel and storytelling led me to create this platform, where I share in-depth, reliable travel guides focusing on the best places and menu prices across the USA.

My Journey

My journey began in [2015] when [in Blogger]. Over the years, I’ve traveled to all 50 states, visited hundreds of cities, and dined at countless local eateries. My work has been featured in [Publications or Media Outlets], and in [2015], I was honored with the [Best Writer] for my contributions to the travel community.

Why Trust Me?

Real-World Experience

I don’t just write about travel; I live it. My guides are the result of firsthand experience and extensive on-the-ground research. I immerse myself in each destination to bring you the most authentic and up-to-date information.


With a background in [Your Academic Background or Relevant Experience], I bring a unique perspective to travel writing. My expertise allows me to offer insights that are both informative and engaging.

Awards and Recognitions

  • [Best Writer], [2019]

Let’s Connect

I love hearing from my readers. If you have any questions or would like to share your travel experiences, feel free to email me at [email protected] or connect with me on social media.

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I look forward to helping you make your next trip to the USA unforgettable!