11 Swimming Spots In Texas With Clear Water

Summer is almost over, but I still want to enjoy the water as much as possible. But not just any water. It has to be so clear that I would feel like I’m in a tropical paradise. Fortunately, Texas has many places like that, where we can relax in some of nature’s most beautiful creations. These 11 swimming spots have such clear water that you’ll be amazed.

11 Swimming Spots In Texas With Clear Water

Swimming Spots In Texas With Clear Water

  • 1. Jacob’s Well (Wimberley)

Jacob’s Well is a stunning natural spring in the Texas Hill Country that flows from the bed of Cypress Creek. It is located on the property of Jacob’s Well Natural Area, which is managed by the Hays County Parks Department.

Jacob’s Well is a popular swimming spot for locals and visitors alike, who enjoy its clear and cool water. However, it is also a dangerous cave diving site, where nine people have died since 1964.

The spring has a 12-foot diameter mouth that leads to a vertical shaft that descends for about 30 feet, and then continues at an angle through several chambers. The cave system has been explored and mapped by the Jacob’s Well Exploration Project and has a total length of about 4,500 feet.

Jacob’s Well is also affected by the water level of the Trinity Aquifer, which has dropped due to excessive pumping. This has caused the spring to stop flowing several times in recent years, threatening its ecological health and beauty.

Jacob’s Well is normally open for swimming from May 1 to September 30 by online reservation only. However, it is currently closed for swimming due to low water conditions. The natural area is still open for hiking and viewing the spring during regular hours.

  • 2. Blue Hole (Leakey)

If you’re looking for a stunning, natural place to swim, you’ll love the Blue Hole at Leakey’s Riding River Ranch. It’s a spring-fed pool with crystal-clear water and a scenic backdrop. The only catch is that you have to be a guest at the ranch to enjoy it, but that’s a great reason to book a stay! You’ll get to explore 3400 square feet of wilderness, mountains, trails, and solitude.

  • 3. Padre Island

I have a soft spot for Galveston, but sometimes I crave a beach where the water is clear and turquoise. That’s what Padre Island offers – a slice of paradise on the Gulf Coast. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled to a tropical island with the beautiful blue-green water.

  • 4. Barton Springs Pool (Austin)

This is not your average swimming pool – it’s a spring-fed wonder with the clearest water you’ll ever see. And it’s not just the water that’s amazing – the bottom is full of natural features like kelp, limestone, and even fish! It’s a unique and memorable experience that you won’t forget.

  • 5. Balmorhea State Park (Reeves)

Balmorhea State Park is a hidden gem in the middle of the arid West Texas desert. It’s a lush oasis with a huge spring-fed pool that attracts many visitors on their way to Big Bend. They don’t know what they’re missing – it’s a refreshing and relaxing spot to swim and enjoy nature.

  • 6. Medina River (Bandera)

One of the rare places where you can find a clear river is the Medina River near Bandera. This river is popular for canoeing or kayaking, but there is also a spot just north of Bandera where you can swim. The best time to go is in the fall, when you can admire the colorful leaves that cover the water.

  • 7. Garner State Park (Concan)

This park is a well-known destination for Texans who love water. It has some of the most gorgeous water in the state, without a doubt. You should try to visit in the fall, if you can. The photo speaks for itself.

  • 8. Devil’s Waterhole (Burnet)

This waterhole is part of Ink’s Lake State Park and was created by water erosion millions of years ago. You can swim here, or join a guided canoe tour of the lake. But the water is so clear and tempting that you might not want to leave it.

  • 9. Krause Springs (Spicewood)

This hidden spring looks like a scene from a jungle adventure movie, with the green trees hanging over it. It has a magical atmosphere and clear, blue-green water that makes it a wonderful experience.

  • 10. Blue Hole (Wimberley)

It may not be Jacob’s Well, but this swimming hole is very close to it. The water is praised as some of the cleanest in the whole state, and I think it’s worth a visit

  •  11. Cypress Bend Park (New Braunfels)

I have never been to this park before – I just found out about it a few hours ago after doing some research. And I have to say: I have been missing out. It has an amazing view of the rolling hills of Central Texas, and it’s free. It also has shaded picnic tables and a playground, so you can spend the whole day here. Really, what more can you ask for in a “poolside” view?


These are some of the best swimming spots in Texas that have pristine water and beautiful scenery. Whether you prefer natural springs, rivers, lakes, or beaches, you can find a place to swim and enjoy nature in Texas. You should visit these places in the fall, when the weather is pleasant and the colors are vibrant. If you have been to any of these places, or if you know of any other places with clear water, let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading this article. 😊

People also ask

Where is the prettiest beach in Texas?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different beaches may appeal to different preferences and tastes. However, some of the beaches that are often praised for their beauty are South Padre Island, Padre Island National Seashore, Rockport Beach, and Boca Chica. These beaches have clear, blue-green water, white sand, scenic views, and abundant wildlife.

Why is Galveston water blue now?

Galveston’s water color changes depending on several factors, such as wind, tide, river flow, and sediment. Sometimes, the water is brownish due to the silt from the Mississippi River and other freshwater sources. Other times, the water is blue due to the offshore water from the Gulf of Mexico that is salty and clear. The blue water is more likely to occur when the winds push the river plume away from the coast and a gyre, or a circular current, brings the offshore water closer to the shore.

Do any Texas beaches have blue water?

Yes, some Texas beaches have blue water, especially those that are located on the Gulf Coast or on large lakes. Some examples are South Padre Island, Padre Island National Seashore, Volente Beach Resort and Waterpark, Blue Hole Regional Park, Blue Lagoon, and Jacob’s Well. These beaches have blue water because they are either influenced by the offshore water from the Gulf of Mexico, or fed by natural springs that are clear and pure.

Where is the cleanest water in Texas?

The cleanest water in Texas can be found in places that have natural springs, protected areas, or low levels of pollution. Some of the places that have the cleanest water in Texas are Balmorhea State Park, Barton Springs Pool, Blue Hole Regional Park, Blue Lagoon, Jacob’s Well, and Krause Springs. These places have water that is crystal clear, refreshing, and safe for swimming.



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