50 Free Things to Do in Dallas

Experiencing Dallas need not break the bank thanks to dozens of $0 activities from sightseeing to arts and culture. Locals know where to find no-cost events and attractions offering ample Texan vibes.

Free Dallas destinations range from serene garden trails and museums to downtown sightseeing districts filled with energy. Monthly concerts and seasonal heritage celebrations also unite communities gratis.

Visitors can soak up area culture through line dancing lessons, public art spaces, festivals and more without emptying wallets. Between iconic landmarks and local secrets, Dallas delivers 50 bucket list-worthy memories free of charge.

50 Free Things to Do in Dallas

2. Dallas Fine Arts Chamber Players

This nonprofit organization sustains professional classical musicians while making music accessible to all. Through free pop-up concerts from rec centers to hospitals across Dallas/Fort Worth, they engage new ears. Support artists dedicating talents to unite communities.

3. Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive

This larger-than-life sculpture scene transports viewers to the Shawnee Trail driving cattle along Commerce Street in the 1860s. Robert Summers’ bronze longhorns and riders evoke the industry built from Texas determination. Locals and tourists alike admire this glimpse at Dallas’ Wild West history.

4. Thanks-Giving Square

This interfaith public garden space downtown has welcomed unity and gratitude from all cultures since 1976. Visitors find refuge beside the white spiral Chapel connected by landscaped walkways inviting peaceful reflection downtown. Midnight blue granite walls and water features enhance spiritual connections.

5. Dallas City Hall

Distinctive architecture draws eyeballs like this inverted wedge-shaped City Hall designed by legendary I.M. Pei. The 7 acre public plaza also showcases Henry Moore sculptures beside historic landmarks from the Old Red Courthouse to JFK Memorial.

6. Fair Park

Fair Park has preserved art deco architecture and culture since 1936 with free self-guided walking tours. Inside the 277-acre park, visitors traverse lush promenades linking historic landmarks now home to museums. Must-sees include the largest collection of art deco exposition buildings in North America and the striking 1930s steel Horticulture Center.

7. Deep Ellum

This eclectic historic district comes alive through colorful street murals immortalizing blues legends. Music still pulses from jazz clubs, rock venues, and street performers that made Deep Ellum a counterculture hub. Today’s revitalized block retains the artsy vibe in galleries, shops, draft house cinemas and creative restaurant concepts.

8. Founder’s Plaza

This downtown green space beside Old Red Courthouse traces Dallas history back to founder John Neely Bryan. His reconstructed log cabin from 1841 anchors exhibits and a terrazzo map marking the city’s growth. The focal fountain and famous “Eye of Dallas” sculpture draw selfie-snapping travelers.

9. McKinney Avenue Trolley

Restore vintage vibes hopping this free trolley linking sites from downtown Dallas to Uptown’s shops and West Village eateries. Either direction rewards riders with sights like historic Ross Avenue skyscrapers, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and the Dallas Arts District’s gleaming museums.

10. D-Link Shuttle

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s free D-Link shuttle connects tourists to a roster of essential city sites at no cost. Ride between the Omni Hotel, Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Arts District museums, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and sites in the Bishop Arts District.

11. Free Dallas Museums

The Dallas Museum of Art spotlights 22,000 global works across eras and mediums – free general admission grants all access. Nearby in the Arts District, immerse in Asian art at the Crow Collection spanning centuries or the Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum’s samurai armor. Don’t miss the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art’s mind-bending optical designs.

12. Dallas Arts District

This walkable creative campus blankets 68 acres with performing arts venues, museums and sculptures. See masterpieces at the Nasher Sculpture Center or dynamic exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art gratis. Public art installations like the equestrian red horse statue invite selfies by day as luminous buildings glow by night.

13. Crow Collection Sculpture Garden

An oasis of calm in the bustling Arts District, the lush garden alongside Crow Museum features site-specific minimalist works mixed with native oak trees and bamboo. Rock formations guide visitors through space for contemplation between galleries displaying Asian artistic heritage spanning thousands of years, also free.

14. The Samurai Collection at The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum

This intimate museum delivers drama through over 140 pieces tracing samurai history and culture. Armor, masks, ornate helmets and weapons reveal masterful artistry behind functional battle garb. Access this well-curated collection in a unique location – the second floor above upscale Saint Ann Restaurant and Bar in the Arts District.

15. Southern Methodist University Campus

Stroll beautifully manicured grounds holding over a century of Dallas history at this leading private university. Tree-lined boulevards link stately buildings like 1915’s Dallas Hall topped by a Rotunda. Bring a picnic to enjoy on emerald lawns central to campus. Definitely snap a selfie by the historic Taos House.

16. Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

Even without concert tickets, visitors can glimpse stunning architecture and art lining the lobbies of this nationally famed performance venue. Designed by legendary I.M. Pei, walkways bridge exterior sculpture gardens over to soaring multi-story interior atriums housing an array of installations.

17. J. Erik Jonsson Central Library

History reverberates through the vaulted halls of Dallas’ main downtown public library. View rare originals like a Declaration of Independence printout dated July 4, 1776, plus William Shakespeare’s First Folio compiled in 1623. Of course, also discover over 2 million books, media, and research resources – all free to peruse and borrow.

18. Mary Kay Museum

This shiny museum within Mary Kay Cosmetics’ global headquarters pays tribute to trailblazing female founder Mary Kay Ash. Journey through her rags-to-riches journey revolutionizing direct sales through a theater, Hall of Honor and memorabilia like a pink 1965 Cadillac she gifted top sellers.

19. Dallas Neighborhood Sightseeing

Downtown historic districts like Munger Place and Swiss Avenue open windows to Gilded Age glory through preserved 19th-century mansions. Or explore the moneyed enclave of Highland Park up through Turtle Creek lined with sprawling estates. Catch a free McKinney Avenue Trolley to sightsee in style.

20. Uptown and West Village

Dallas’ posh Uptown district tempts with shops lining McKinney Avenue as well as leafy residential streets and the vibrant West Village restaurant/retail complex. Ride the free vintage McKinney Avenue Trolley taking in the bustling scene. Don’t miss the iconic pink and orange Wilshire Wendy statue perfect for playful photos.

21. Downtown West End Historic District

Cobblestone streets, restored 19th century warehouses and tempting happy hours convey West End’s heritage. Don’t miss the Sixth Floor Museum within the former Texas School Book Depository spotlighting JFK legacy. Shop for cowboy boots or catch seasonal festivals like the lively St. Patrick’s Day block party.

22. Lower Greenville Avenue

Greenville Avenue south of Mockingbird Lane hums with over 100 shops, cafes and music venues packed weekends with revelry. Locals and visitors alike come for Sunday brunches, festive holiday bar crawls or the raucous annual St. Patrick’s Day parade culminating in concerts plus plenty of green beer.

23. Neiman Marcus Downtown Flagship

The glamorous original Neiman Marcus location still awes window shoppers with ostentatious holiday themes gracing its exterior since 1914. Inside, glow from the Zodiac room’s starry-sky ceiling alongside one-of-a-kind fashion pieces straight from Europe shipped on the iconic SS Normandie ocean liner for early clientele.

24. NorthPark Center Art Collection

NorthPark reigns as the top US shopping mecca thanks partly to over 50 masterworks by famed artists from Frank Stella to Andy Warhol scattered across the property. Strolling the vibrant 1.4-acre garden-like CenterPark spotlights additional sculptures to inspire and instill joy among retail therapy.

25. Galleria Dallas

This soaring 4-story shopping emporium takes cues from Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to dazzle. World-class stores like Gucci and Tiffany’s tempt besides the massive interior ice skating rink. Come Christmastime, marvel at expansive holiday décor including Texas’ tallest indoor tree.

26. Dallas Shopping Center Sightseeing

Dallas claims more shopping centers per capita than anywhere in America. Window shoppers can explore them all without spending a dime. Marvel at the staggering selection of luxury designers like Chanel and Harry Winston at historic Highland Park Village then admire innovative architecture like NorthPark Center’s art-filled 1.4 acre garden oasis.

27. Pioneer Cemetery Downtown

Established graveyards now form Pioneer Cemetery near the Convention Center downtown. These sacred grounds hold over a century of Dallas history – final resting places of early mayors, warriors dating back to the War of 1812 and more. Information panels decode stories behind its monuments.

28. Founders Plaza at DFW Airport

Founders Plaza observing area offers unmatched views of 2,300 daily takeoffs and landings at the world’s fourth busiest airport from open-air terraces. Picnic while watching planes depart thanks to binoculars, radio tuned to air traffic control frequencies and information on identifying aircraft types overhead.

29. Model Trains at Children’s Health Children’s Medical Center

This delightful free exhibit surrounded by a pint-sized Dallas cityscape delights kids of all ages. One of the country’s largest permanent setups entertains patients and visitors with eight different trains chugging along simultaneously from morning through night inside the hospital’s lobby.

30. Fantasy Landing Playground in Kiest Park

This playground sets the gold standard for inclusive equipment suited to all ages and abilities. Kids navigate step ramps, specialized slides, activity panels and brick paths connecting zip lines and tunnels in a colorful, engaging environment. Family playtime gets more magical here thanks to creative designs welcoming every ability.

31. Dallas Farmers Market

Wander through 150+ local vendor stalls heaped with just-picked produce, artisan food products, plants and more 7 days a week on historic grounds. After grabbing ingredients for tonight’s dinner or simply sniffing fragrant melons, catch a cooking demo using the hyper-fresh seasonal bounty from this Texas soil.

32. Professional Sports in Dallas

Few American cities boast as many professional teams across major leagues as Dallas. So chances are one or more hometown teams like the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, NFL Cowboys or NHL Stars have games televised across local sports bars nightly. Pop in, order a drink and catch free game excitement with fellow fans anytime.

33. Annual Dallas Festivals

Thanks to a mostly mild North Texas climate, Dallas enjoys hosting scores of major outdoor festivals annually span interests from arts to cultural heritage and beyond – all free to enjoy. Klyde Warren Park offers food trucks and over 2,000 free yearly events like yoga amid its lush downtown greenspace. Don’t miss one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades statewide either!

34. Dallas Symphony Community Concerts

For over 20 years, the renowned Dallas Symphony Orchestra has performed free outdoor concerts across area parks and venues during spring months. Highlights include the popular Memorial Day Concert at Flagpole Hill featuring patriotic tunes capped with fireworks. Concert calendars get released early to allow ample scheduling to catch a fabulous show.

35. Freedman’s Cemetery & Memorial

This historic city-run cemetery just north of downtown inters sacred ground holding African American graves dating prior to the Civil War. Larger-than-life bronze statues honor souls who traversed the hard road to freedom. Self-guided tour pamphlets decode stories behind its monuments and the neighborhood forged by emancipated slaves.

36. Fountain Place Downtown

This iconic green glass office tower downtown captivates passersby through its street-level oasis. 172 illuminated bubbler fountains plus a central jet sculpture comprising 217 shooters make it among the world’s most complex. Take a moment to sit amid vibrant flowers over soft gurgling waterfalls behind the urban canyons.

37. Adrian E. Flatt, M.D. Hand Collection at Baylor Hospital

This extraordinary exhibit showcases over 100 replica celebrity hands cast in bronze and hand-painted. Identifiable famous appendages range from Walt Disney to Winston Churchill and Louis Armstrong frozen in life-like poses. Intriguing displays capture a sense of capability and hint at the personalities behind the legends.

38. Perot Museum of Nature & Science Free Areas

The renowned Perot Museum wows sightseers even without tickets through its public outdoor forest and lobby. Giant musical instruments create a hands-on soundscape beside native landscaping on the urban plaza. Inside, marvel at a dramatic 35-foot Malawisaurus fossil plus a glimpse of LEED-certified sustainable architecture from the nearby green roof.

39. Pegasus Plaza

This vibrant open plaza downtown centers around an abstract limestone fountain evoking the city’s famed Pegasus symbol. Catch spurting streams representing Dallas’s strength and spirit plus adjacent towering Magnolia Hotel’s iconic rooftop neon Pegasus sign. Surrounding skyscrapers frame the inviting scene of a revitalized central arts district.

40. African American Museum at Fair Park

One of the Southwest’s foremost institutes devoted to the preservation and education on African American history resides within historic Fair Park. Guests immerse in artistic mediums from fine art spanning generations to folk art traditions inherited. Make time for enlightening cultural programs too like lectures, performances or student classes.

41. Klyde Warren Park

This vibrant urban greenspace built stunningly over a busy freeway connects downtown with Uptown via lush lawns, kids play zones, a reading library, food trucks and more. Relax under the trees, enjoy free programming like yoga or dance classes and partake in scores of community events from block parties to daily lunchtime food truck gatherings.

42. White Rock Lake Recreation Area

Escape into this picturesque 1911 manmade reservoir and park with trails circling almost 10 miles around the lake. Drink in stunning views of everything from native wetlands to Downtown Dallas’ striking skyline silhouette. Rent paddle boats, bring a picnic or simply meander pathways through tranquil scenes in an urban oasis.

43. More Scenic Dallas Parks

Beyond White Rock Lake, over twenty thousand park acres across the Dallas area offer open green spaces with options from secluded pond-side rambles to bubbling interactive fountains great for picnics and family play dates. Discover tennis courts tucked into enclaves like Reverchon Park or stretch out at Main Street Garden’s urban dog run downtown.

44. Dallas Hiking and Biking Trails

Dallas and its surrounding suburbs provide ample outdoor recreation through dozens of trails suiting hiking, biking and trail runs amid natural refuges. Paved routes around scenic White Rock Lake offer serene views and people-watching over 9 miles. Or escape into the peaceful Oak Cliff Nature Preserve across 160 acres of forests, wetlands and prairies in southwest Dallas.

45. Haunted Dallas Tours

Tales of ghosts and paranormal occurrences abound in a city boasting such storied pasts. Downtown landmark hotels, historic theaters and sealed-up prohibition-era bank vaults number among dozens of sites with sightings reported for centuries. Seek out haunted walking tours or DIY explorations form hotels to hospitals – if you dare.

46. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Interactive Exhibits

This intriguing free museum traces money’s evolution from bartered beans to bitcoin through illuminated interactive exhibits. visitors gain insights into the Federal Reserve and monetary systems that fuel regional Texan and national economies. Multimedia displays decode complex concepts around currency’s architectural aesthetics too.

47. Latino Cultural Center

This dedicated center develops and showcases Hispanic arts and culture through live music, dance, kids’ crafts, language lessons and ever-changing galleries spotlighting local artists. Be enriched by the creativity and traditions of Dallas’ thriving Latino communities shared via this inclusive venue’s diverse roster of free programming always open to all.

48. Bath House Cultural Center

Along the tranquil shores of White Rock Lake, this 1930s-era bathhouse converted art deco structure welcomes creativity now through rotating visual arts exhibits, live music, and theater within three galleries plus an intimate black box theater. Sign up for one of their wide array of classes as well from pottery to salsa dancing.

49. Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Residents of the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas find artistic outlets and experiences reflecting their vibrant area’s diversity all within this renovated reinvented space. Partake of free dance lessons, theater workshops for all ages or tour the latest creations by indigenous area artists in the small but mighty galleries.

50. Bonnie Parker’s Final Resting Place

Notorious Depression-era outlaw Bonnie Parker met her violent end before age 24, but visitors can pay respects to the iconic local figure at her grave in North Dallas’ Crown Hill Memorial Park today. While partner in crime Clyde Barrow lies buried elsewhere, fans still flock to Parker’s surprisingly ordinary resting place marked by a simple coin-embedded stone reading “As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, so this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks like you.”

Even 84 years after that fateful ambush, the tragic couple still capture curiosity and some degree of public admiration from those intrigued by romanticized legends of the era. For true crime buffs, making a quick stop to glimpse Bonnie’s surprisingly modest marker provides insight into her otherwise larger-than-life truncated journey.




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